Guanajuato Sister-City Infrastructure Projects


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September 15, 2022


The Rotary Clubs of Ashland, Oregon, USA and Guanajuato, Mexico, with the support of the Municipal Drinking Water and Sewage System of Guanajuato (SIMAPAG) and the State Water Commission of Guanajuato (CEAG)


The Rotary Club of Guanajuato, Mexico and the Rotary Club of Ashland, Oregon, United States, together with The Rotary Foundation once again joined forces with a key objective: to improve the Quality of Life of the 170 inhabitants of El Tablon, in the municipality of Guanajuato by contributing 1 million 517 thousand 275 pesos to bring drinking water to the Guanajuato community that suffered severe deficiencies of this vital liquid. Likewise, the Municipal Potable Water Sisterna of Guanajuato (SIMAPAG) participated in a relevant way with the elaboration of the project, in the execution and in the administration of the work.


The works consisted of the supply and installation of 1,400m of high-density polyethylene and galvanized iron pipes with a diameter of 2 inches in the conduction line and distribution networks, construction of a 20m stone tank for water storage , installation of water chlorination equipment with energy based on solar cells and installation of 17 household outlets.


In Rotary's philosophy, collaboration is a very important agent of action to materialize its service projects, which is why the determined participation of the Guanajuato Municipal Drinking Water and Sewage System (SIMAPAG) and the Guanajuato State Water Commission (CEAG) were essential to promote the involvement of the inhabitants of El Tablon in the creation and training of the Potable Water Committee, the result of which led to the sustainable operation of its water system.


With this work, Rotary, the Governments of the State and the municipality of Guanajuato, in solidarity, transform the quality of life of our community with inspiring and timely projects.


The State Water Commission

From Guanajuato


Gives thanks to

Rotary Club of Ashland, Oregon


For the great work they do every day, the social commitment

and the international link with Guanajuato organizations to help improve the quality of life of families in the State.