Oregon Battle Of The Books 2024-25!
The Rotary Club of Ashland is supporting the Ashland grade school Oregon Battle of the Books event. OBOB is a competition between teams testing their recollection and understanding of 16 different books.
Teams of up to four students compete in a “brain bowl” format answering alternating questions specific to any of the books. We are involved in the grade 3-5 level competitions which take place at each grade school, usually in late February. Teams start forming and reading books in the late fall. 
Rotary provides funding to allow schools to have multiple copies of all books. This helps provide equal access of materials to all teams. These are amazing books selected at the state level each year and having many sets in the Ashland School system will allow teachers to use these great books in their curriculum in the future. Grant funds are also earmarked to support an Ashland team advancing to the statewide competition- the School District will provide an aide but travel and lodging of the kids are a cost each family has to carry - our funding can help make this less of an issue for some families. 
Rotarian also have a unique opportunity to help these adventurous readers. Once we have completed the volunteer forms, we can coach teams, assist a team even by helping them practice “battles” or just discuss a book and we can be much needed judges. Although a battle takes less than thirty minutes, they are a huge volunteer effort. Judging or timekeeping are jobs any Rotarian could do but is a critical investment of our time in making this a wonderful and significant event.


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